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The Facebook Papers: Conversations with Jeff Horwitz and Dia Kayyali

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This is Part 2 of three special episodes focused on the revelations in what has come to be known as the Facebook papers, reports based on a trove of documents brought forward by whistleblower Frances Haugen. In the first part, we heard from the Executive Editor of The Atlantic, Adrienne LaFrance, who wrote about the challenge Facebook poses to democracy.

In this episode, I had a chance to catch up with two people- first, Jeff Horwitz, a technology reporter at the Wall Street Journal and one of the leaders of the team reporting on the documents first brought forward by the Journal. And, I spoke to Dia Kayyali, the associate director for advocacy at Mnemonic, the umbrella organization for Syrian Archive, Yemeni Archive and Sudanese Archive, for reactions to the revelations in the whistleblower documents, and a point of view on what it means for the Oversight Board, the entity the company set up to provide external oversight to its content moderation decisions and to help it make policy.