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New Voices is a series of original articles and opinion pieces published on Tech Policy Press each month in collaboration with the Aspen Tech Policy Hub, a West Coast policy incubator training a new generation of tech policy entrepreneurs. Modeled after tech incubators like Y Combinator, the Hub takes tech experts, teaches them the policy process through fellowship and executive education programs in the Bay Area, and encourages them to develop outside-the-box solutions to society’s problems.

Recent headlines in the series:

The skills gap in tech that no one is talking about– Mai Sistla

Google Fiber and Why Monopolies Suck – Samara Trilling

Bias in Cybersecurity Job Descriptions Hurts Diversity in the Field – Anita Balaraman

Building a more diverse cyber industry: What can we do today and tomorrow? – Camille Stewart and Mai Sistla

‘New Voices’ Necessary to Drive Fresh Thinking on Tech Policy – Betsy Cooper and Justin Hendrix

The Aspen Tech Policy Hub Announces Partnership with Tech Policy Press to Provide Exclusive Thought Leadership – Justin Hendrix

For more information about the Aspen Tech Policy Hub, visit its website.