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Event: Reconciling Social Media & Democracy, Oct. 7th

While various solutions to problems at the intersection of social media and democracy are under consideration, from regulation to antitrust action, some experts are enthusiastic about the opportunity to create a new social media ecosystem that relies less on centrally managed platforms like Facebook and more on decentralized, interoperable services and components. 

This Thursday, October 7th, Tech Policy Press hosted a mini-symposium to explore some of these ideas and critique them. (See some recommended pre-reading below).

Program at a Glance:

1:00 PM The Necessity of Intervention & Applying a Critical Lens


2:30 PM Quarantining Misinformation


3:00 PM Competitive Compatibility


3:30 PM Building the Future


4:20 PM Reforming the Business Model


5:00 Close

Recommended reading:

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