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Tech Policy Press is a nonprofit media and community venture intended to provoke new ideas, debate and discussion at the intersection of technology and democracy. Our key areas of concern include:

  • Concentrations of power: the role and interaction of tech platforms, governments and the media and the future of the public sphere;
  • Geopolitics of technology: how nation states approach technology in the pursuit of advantage;
  • Technology and the economy: the relationship between markets, business, and labor;
  • Racism, bigotry, violence & oppression: how tech exacerbates or solves such challenges;
  • Ethics of Technology: how technology should be viewed alongside existing democratic ethos, especially with regard to privacy, surveillance and personal freedoms;
  • Election integrity & participation: mechanisms of democracy, problems such as disinformation and how citizens come to consensus. 


Justin Hendrix, Co-Founder, CEO, and Editor

Board of Directors

Bryan Jones, Co-Founder and Chairman

Renee DiResta

Desmond Patton


Lindsey Barrett

Greta Byrum

Joël Carter

Research Fellow

Romi Geller


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