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Tech Policy Press is a nonprofit media and community venture intended to provoke new ideas, debate and discussion at the intersection of technology and democracy. We publish opinion and analysis.

Our key areas of concern include:

  • Concentrations of power: the role and interaction of tech platforms, governments and the media and the future of the public sphere;
  • Geopolitics of technology: how nation states approach technology in the pursuit of advantage;
  • Technology and the economy: the relationship between markets, business, and labor;
  • Racism, bigotry, violence & oppression: how tech exacerbates or solves such challenges;
  • Ethics of Technology: how technology should be viewed alongside existing democratic ethos, especially with regard to privacy, surveillance and personal freedoms;
  • Election integrity & participation: mechanisms of democracy, problems such as disinformation and how citizens come to consensus. 


Justin Hendrix, Co-Founder, CEO, and Editor

Board of Directors

Bryan Jones, Co-Founder and Chairman

John Borthwick

Renee DiResta

Desmond Patton

Courtney Radsch


Lindsey Barrett

Greta Byrum

Joël Carter


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